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Chemicals - SAP S4HANA Migration

Automated software tool MIGNOW speeds up EOC’s technical conversion

EOC Group, a Belgian global manufacturer of chemical products, is using the impressive proven MIGNOW software tool to help accelerate its technical conversion to SAP S/4HANA Cloud to enhance processes and improve productivity.
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EOC is active on a worldwide scale, with 14 production sites spread over Europe and Asia that employ over 700 people. Its product portfolio extends from compounds and latices to adhesives, emulsions, surfactants and polyurethanes which are used in a wide range of applications in different industries such as carpets & textiles, packaging, automotive, personal & home care etc. Not only does EOC supply innovative sustainable products, but it also provides a thorough service and support to its customers. Its innovative culture and extensive customer support means it needed optimum process efficiency to support its workforce and growing business.

The Challenge

Transforming administrative and production processes was key to EOC’s strategic plan. Not only did it want to integrate operational tasks more, but it also needed to attract and retain key employees within this competitive industry by offering the best working environment possible. As a current SAP customer, EOC knew technology could support its vision. Its first priority was to carry out a technical migration to SAP S/4HANA but aimed to do it in the fastest time with minimal impact to the organisation.


Taking advantage of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud private edition in the new RISE with SAP offering, EOC chose SOA People and its MIGNOW software to carry out the migration, including maintenance support. This unique tool will ensure that 98% of the conversion will be dealt with automatically, requiring minimal manual intervention and will be completed at ground-breaking speed, cutting the project time from 11 months to 5 months. EOC will then use the new platform’s scope to introduce new solutions and embedded analytics to further enhance its processes.


“We are looking forward to working with SOA People, not only on the technical migration itself, but also advancing on our digital roadmap. It is clear we need some guidance on our digital roadmap, and we are confident that they can help. SOA People’s expertise, MIGNOW software and extensive experience on how to optimise the use of SAP S/4HANA Cloud is key to us, as well as clearly understanding our needs.”