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Sales strategy revolutionised using SAP Product Configurator

SOA People helped agricultural manufacturer Kubota with an innovative SAP Cloud solution. Kubota now has a highly industrialised and accurate sales tool for dealers to use, keeping Kubota ahead of the competition.
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Kubota has a large network of around 1000 dealers who distribute Kubota products across Europe, some complex internal processes and had launched a strategy to expand its European agricultural market (including investment in a new factory, product range and marketing and sales strategy).

The Challenge

Kubota wanted to achieve an end to end solution covering the whole spectrum from campaign lead management to quotation and pricing configuration. They wanted to capture, in one single system, all customer related information with the right level of data segregation depending on who was accessing it and for which level of granularity.


  • A highly industrialised and accurate sales tool
  • Keeping ahead of the competition
  • A platform for growth
“The dealers and sales teams are very happy as they wanted SAP Product Configurator for months. There was a lot of anticipation for it, and now they are motivated to use it. The feedback is that it is very user friendly and intuitive” Renaud Lissowski, Project Manager, Kubota