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Your SAP data knows more about you!

Data is the new oil. You need to turn this valuable asset into precise knowledge and knowledge into precise actions for better organisational performance and be able to measure the results of your decisions. Performer for SAP will precisely measure and provide visibility of the value each project should bring to its organisation.​

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16 March 2021

Watch the webinar replay and discover how to:​

  • Explain what the current contribution of SAP is to your business​
  • Control and optimise your SAP TCO and budget​
  • Identify where your main improvement areas are​
  • Demonstrate your historical and current SAP value​
  • Optimise your SAP with value
Watch the replay


Dr. Tamas Szirtes

Group Innovation Director

SAP Mentor, SAP S/4HANA Distinguished Engineer, 22 years experience at 100+ customers.

Jorg Setz

Business Manager Products & SAP S/4HANA.

Specialized in helping clients optimize business processes

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