People and Organization

A well implemented organization is a key foundation for serving both our people and our customers.
Since the creation of SOA People, we apply the same strategic alignment principles internally, as a basis for sustainability and continuous improvement along the growth path of our company.
When working with customers on strategic alignment, SOA People focus on aligning 3 major axes of strategic execution:

People & Organization


Systems & Technology

People vs Content

A key element in our organization is a distinction in focus between “People Management” and “Content Management”, enabling the possibility to keep the right balance between people-centric human capital management and market driven growth management.

The People

Carrying “People” in our name is not a coincidence. Both the intelligence and performance of our company are based upon our people. Our regional team leaders have a dedicated focus on guiding our people through their individual evolutions and career paths.
Personal development plans and objectives are worked out with consultants based upon personal motivations, performance evaluations, market influence and competence evolutions. Team leaders work in close collaboration with regional delivery management to provide local capacity and performance quality.

The Content

Content management is driven by competence experts in different areas of expertise. Content communities have been established to bring people together related to either functional, business or technological competence domains. Under the supervision of our content leaders, these teams ensure the follow up and realization of:
  • Technology watching and market evolution
  • Proofs of concept
  • Training portfolio management
  • Experience capitalization
  • Knowledge management and publication
  • White papers & content sessions
  • Solution development

Process driven

Whether sales, centralized planning, delivery, training, project management, people management or product development, all our activities are driven by processes. This allows us to follow up on performance, use performance evaluation as a driver to improve, and stay in tune with the company’s strategy at all times.
Processes are a key foundation within our organization in order to build a sustainable organization and allow us to provide reliability in the engagements we make to our people and customers. We like to “walk the talk”.

Systems & Technology

As a leading SAP partner, we are technology solution-driven in our market approaches. SOA People is focused on helping customers take advantage of these solutions, and maximizes the skills and expertise of its team by implementing SAP technology to support internal processes and organization.
New technology, whether related to the cloud, the internet of things, the latest SAP Solutions from S/4 HANA or to integration with more traditional ECC technology, is always made available internally for supporting solutions development and setting up Proofs of Concept where relevant.

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