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Ambitious goals and successful expansion: SOA People Group looks forward to a great future

In a video interview, Holger Behrens, Managing Director of SOA People AG, talks about the impressive company developments of recent years and the ambitious goals for the future. He states that the SOA People Group has achieved its economic and strategic goals and is confident that it will continue to implement its plans.

Holger Behrens, Managing Director of SOA People AG, has been with the company since 1980 and has experienced and helped shape the company's development at first hand. In a video interview, he talks about the impressive developments of recent years and the ambitious goals for the future. His conclusion is that the Group has managed to achieve its economic and strategic goals and is well on the way to further implementing its ambitious plans.


The SOA People Group stands for a 100% focus on the SAP lifecycle and is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and SAP technology.


The SOA People Group has set itself two main goals that will significantly shape its future development:

  • Leading privately owned SAP partner in Europe: the SOA People Group aims to become the number one owner-managed SAP partner in Europe. This goal underlines the commitment to sustainable and customer-oriented corporate management, independent of the often short-term interests of external investors.
  • Establishment of own SAP solutions: With solutions such as Ready4 Credit Management and Ready4 Asset Management, the SOA People Group will strengthen its position in the market and establish these products as key components of its growth strategy.


The SOA People Group's many years of experience in the SAP field enable it to provide highly qualified teams of consultants. These teams provide customers with specialist support in areas such as evaluation and consulting on the path to SAP S/4HANA and beyond. In addition, graduates of our SOA People Academy enable us to implement projects flexibly and cost-effectively and relieve customers in their day-to-day business.

Thanks to its international availability, projects can be successfully implemented not only in Germany, but also throughout Europe. The SOA People Group's membership of United VARs, the largest alliance of leading SAP solution providers in the midmarket, also extends its ability to support projects and rollouts outside Europe. As a certified SAP Platinum Partner, the highest distinction among SAP partnerships, United VARs and its members guarantee optimum service and support for international rollout and ERP optimization projects.


A decisive advantage of the SOA People Group is its independence from investors. This makes it possible to concentrate fully on the satisfaction of customers and employees. This independence is underlined by the fact that the Group is already represented in eight European countries.

The most recent additions to the corporate family, such as the addition of COZUMEVI in Turkey and 2BM in Denmark, are evidence of the continuous growth. These acquisitions strengthen the strategic position in the SAP area and open up new opportunities for the future.

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