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From data management to automation: New paths in credit management with Creditsafe and SOA People

Kerstin Eder |

As a global credit agency with 26 offices on 3 continents, Creditsafe offers its customers up-to-date credit and creditworthiness information on more than 430 million companies worldwide.

In an interview, Marc Sander, Head of Strategic Partner Management at Creditsafe, explains the relevant factors for risk assessment as well as the current developments and challenges in credit management. In addition, Stephan Sielaff, Sales Director at Creditsafe, shares his main message on the topic of "Partnership in Action: Technology and Data".

With more than 430 million company data from over 200 countries, the Creditsafe Group is the most widely used credit information agency in the world.  It enables companies to reliably check customers, suppliers and business partners and quickly recover outstanding debts from day 1 of default.

In the following video interview, Marc Sander, Head of Strategic Partner Management at Creditsafe, explains which factors he believes are decisive for risk assessment and what developments and resulting consequences he expects in credit management.


Marc Sander emphasizes that the development in credit management is strongly influenced by automation processes. This automation manifests itself both in the implementation and application for users in credit management as well as through external regulations that companies are faced with and must act accordingly. The link between technology and specialist market requirements as well as external requirements is therefore a key issue for the future.


According to Marc Sander, the credit management process is heavily influenced by data: "It's about connecting data fields and integrating them into risk management in order to replace static reports and manual Excel spreadsheets. A technological basis and the integration of interfaces are crucial here in order to offer customers tailored and automated solutions."


Automation and digitalization have various consequences for credit management. The entire process, from obtaining information to securing and financing the receivables portfolio, can be mapped digitally. Marc Sander notes that this enables efficient and preventative risk management. At this point, he emphasizes the importance of cooperation between technology-driven companies such as SOA People and data-driven companies such as Creditsafe.


Creditsafe has been a reliable partner of SOA People for many years, with whom we cooperate successfully both technically and in terms of content. Thanks to this close cooperation, the Ready4 Credit Management solution enables our customers to benefit from fully integrated, professional credit management in SAP, supplemented with high-quality credit and creditworthiness information. This partnership drives innovation and enables our customers to always be at the cutting edge of technology. 


At the SOA People Credit Management Forum 2024 in Karlsruhe, Stephan Sielaff, Sales Director at Creditsafe, enriched the program. He gave an inspiring talk titled "Partnership in Action: Technology and Data", which was very well received by our customers.

His main message to his large audience was: "In the face of a multi-crisis environment and increasing regulatory pressure, companies are being forced to invest in prevention. This includes automating standard processes to effectively utilize internal resources and focus on the core business. Partnerships play a crucial role in ensuring comprehensive coverage of different risk areas."

Creditsafe Gruppenfoto

From left to right in the photo are Wilm Schweer, Sales Director IP at SOA People, Marc Sander, Head of Strategic Partner Management at Creditsafe, Kerstin Eder, Marketing Manager at SOA People, Holger Behrens, Managing Director at SOA People and Stephan Sielaff, Sales Director at Creditsafe. This photo was taken at the evening event of the SOA People Credit Management Forum 2024 in Karlsruhe.

We would like to thank Marc Sander and Stephan Sielaff for their valuable contributions and insights. Their presence and knowledge enriched the SOA People Credit Management Forum 2024 and added value for customers. We were also pleased that they emphasized the importance of continuous innovation and strategic partnerships in the field of credit management.

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