Broaden your horizon with the February 2019 (1902) release of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

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The primary assets of Professional Services companies are knowledge and people. These companies operate in very dynamic markets where competitors can easily copy their services. Day-to-day operations are characterised by high volumes of deals and increasingly project-oriented work. Many of these organisations still use multiple systems or older versions of an ERP application, which do not offer the desired flexibility and insight needed to manage their KPIs.

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution, SOA People delivers an intelligent cloud-based ERP solution to Professional Services companies. This is a proven, future-proofed solution which receives new functionalities and abilities on every release, ensuring that companies using the system can cope with an ever more digitalising world.

So, what new intelligent capabilities does the 1902 release offer your organisation? Let us take you on a quick tour in this blog.

Enhanced financial agility and collaboration

In finance there is a major innovation in the financial closing process. It allows Professional Services to efficiently execute the closing for all financial entities of their organisations. Furthermore, it enables close collaboration between the people involved in the closing, as well as a new SAP Fiori app called ‘Closing Task Completion’ (find out more about this app here) for the analysis of status and completion rates of closing tasks.

Also new in finance is a matrix-based consolidation, which supports the rapid evolution and shifts in your organisation. This functionality allows for a flexible way of setting up the consolidation of management reports.

Finally, contract management has been expanded with new functionality which lets a user recognise revenue on a contract-by-contract basis and run up-sell/cross-sell/down-sell/renewal simulations. These capabilities can be leveraged through the ‘Display Accounting Impact’ app.

Know what you’re buying and when

For the purchasers in your organisation, release 1902 means a much more comprehensive insight into your purchase orders, where drilldown can take place on a large array of factors (from supplier to material group and much more). These capabilities are delivered with the new app ‘Purchase Order Changes’ (find out more about this app here).

The user experience in procurement is further enhanced with the added possibility of proactive alerts that will make your employees aware of any kind of situation, ranging from non-deliverable items, overdue POs, to contracts that are almost going to expire.

Improvements in service execution

Optimising service for your customers becomes even easier with SAP S/4HANA Cloud release 1902, as it delivers a customer overview from all services a customer is receiving and where there is room to offer additional services. Also, the service contracts of a customer can now be received from external systems via the app called ‘Service Contract’.

Professional services delivered by your company can potentially happen anywhere and anytime, and therefore release 1902 allows your employees to maintain country, state and local work locations in their timesheets. In this manner, it is easier to keep track of the services delivered at a customer’s site for example.

Did you know?

Our SAP S/4HANA Cloud team always keeps up-to-date their certifications as well as their in-depth knowledge of the latest releases.

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