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Cormeta customers to reap the benefits of a unified brand across Europe

Paul Smitherman |

Following cormeta’s acquisition back in 2017 to widen SOA People’s portfolio across the MEE (Mid/Eastern Europe) markets, the cormeta brand will now be changed to the SOA People brand.

cormeta’s shared values and cultural alignment made it a highly strategic and exciting combination with SOA People. Following a planned post-acquisition period of process integration and alignment, SOA People will be rebranding the cormeta name and suite of products to SOA People, while continuing to deliver a smooth and seamless experience to its valued SAP customers.

SOA People acquired cormeta, a qualified SAP Gold Partner since 1995 with an established focus on medium sized businesses, as a pivotal part of its expansion strategy across Europe. In particular, cormeta’s own credit management solution for SAP customers has now been well established as part of SOA People’s IP strategy, alongside existing SAP solutions for Asset Management Performance for both Maintenance and Field Service audiences.

An SAP Platinum partner and leader in business strategy execution powered by SAP, SOA People is known for its strong customer relationships across Europe, together with its proven methodology and professional approach. Its impressive track record of innovative projects spans all industries and companies of all sizes as it continues to successfully deliver the entire end to end SAP technology portfolio.

“Many of our customers have already gained considerable business value from the complete integration of these two organisations,” says Holger Behrens, Managing Director cormeta ag. “They have access to a wider range of pre-configured solutions and innovative cloud offerings, particularly in credit management optimisation, as well as additional consulting and project implementation services”

“cormeta rebranding to SOA People is the logical next step to the continued creation and delivery of our SAP solutions and services across Europe,” highlights Khalil Hodaibi, CEO SOA People Group. “With a wider geographical reach, the smooth brand integration will ensure it’s business as usual for our customers”

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