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How to make your SAP Fiori delivery easy?

Paul Smitherman |

SAP Fiori has given us a fantastic user experience that’s designed for almost the full SAP product suite, not least the latest ERP solution SAP S/4HANA. 

But starting out with SAP Fiori can be daunting. There’s lots to consider; the people and skills needed, the methodology, functionality and the technical side as well as working out how everything comes together before you can deliver it to your users. 

That’s why we created our SAP Fiori Factory, giving customers an easy and optimised way of delivering SAP Fiori into your organisation in a fast and efficient way. Our view is why re-invent the wheel when it has already been invented?  Why not take advantage of SAP specialists who have delivered SAP Fiori projects over and over again and have tried and tested processes, best practices and naming conventions? 

Using Scrum to deliver SAP Fiori 

We aim to reduce risk and manage your priorities by delivering SAP Fiori using the agile Scrum method of project management.  Scrum is the ideal approach for an SAP Fiori project where it is a continuous learning experience, and where typically you may not have been involved in such a project before. 

Scrum methodology works by allowing you to set and change priorities and manage your time – all in a kind of learning process. It ensures we work closely together, with the continuous involvement of your users, to achieve your set goals in a set timeframe, ensuring fast delivery with regular demoes of live working applications for the duration of your project. It’s a very efficient way of working. 

How we support your journey to SAP Fiori deployment

When you’re looking to design, build and test SAP Fiori applications, OData and SAPUI5 developments, we know how to support your journey to successful deployment.

We help you ensure business continuity during the build and creation of the software, manage change requests once your software is operational and handle release management so that you can ensure continuity of delivery during new releases and be able to leverage the latest features and enhancements.

From the outset you’ll need to consider how your business requirements will translate into an SAP Fiori solution. We help drive this from both technical and functional perspectives, from specification set-up through to design and graphics. We’ll provide support on operational applications, act as intermediary between technical support and demand, create and improve guidelines, knowledge base and governance, and spot efficiency opportunities and fuel innovation.

Lower your risk and get faster delivery 

Delivering SAP Fiori into your business is not only about processes and tools but about leveraging expertise. Our experts will deliver proof of concept, demo’s, templates and where applicable help you build custom applications that are specific to your business. 

The alternatives to our SAP Fiori Factory can be expensive, for example hiring a partner to devise a completely custom set-up or hiring skills inhouse to devise a project from scratch. In contrast, we enable you to learn from us and tap into our wealth of experience, so you don’t have to work it out by yourself.  

Let us empower your SAP Fiori process 

Our expertise and skillset will make a huge difference to your SAP Fiori projects. From the requirements gathering stage, the continuous alignment during the agile development process, through to facilitating testing and training users, we have the capability to ensure your success.

Our SOA People Academy produces highly motivated developers that take on a wide variety of tasks in our SAP Fiori projects, acting as request co-ordinators, change developers or testers working on or off site. By assigning this additional resource to our lead consultants provides a broad range of technical expertise and offers flexibility and scalability with minimal investment.

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