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What is SAP Business Technology Platform and is it new?

Paul Smitherman |

SAP’s strategic drive aims to help customers modernise their business processes and turn data into action. To achieve this, customers need the right technology infrastructure and services. A unified database and data management, the ability to harness intelligent technologies like AI, IoT and ML and third-party solutions are all components that will underpin increasing analytical and transactional business activities.

SAP has introduced the Business Technology Platform to encompass its range of technology services and applications, making it easier and quicker for customers to become an Intelligent Enterprise. It’s an umbrella term for the SAP technology stack that extends real business value to the customer, offering more options with one unified business-centric platform for data, analytics and intelligence. The business technology focus also differentiates SAP from the large generic players like Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

What’s included in the Business Technology Platform?

  • Analytics – augmented BI, collaborative planning, predictive analytics and data warehousing
  • Database and data management – data pipelining, data virtualisation, data governance, storage and processing, connect management, data orchestration and metadata management
  • Intelligent technologies – data-driven insights, intelligent RPA, artificial intelligence and IoT cloud and edge
  • Application development and integration – integration suite, intelligent BPM, enterprise solutions and digital experience

How is it delivered?

This is a suite of business-centric applications coming under one umbrella platform, but you need to purchase the components separately. For example, SAP Cloud Platform is the largest element but there is also the HANA database, Analytics Cloud and a whole range of business applications and solutions that simplify the extension and integration of technology capabilities and third-party solutions into your organisation.

Business Technology Platform also ensures you can deliver relevant services into the organisation whether on cloud, hybrid or on premise.

Want to find out more?

Our extensive SAP expertise gives us unique insight into how best to deliver SAP technology services and applications into your organisation. We’ll show you how the different components will extend and integrate to create intelligent business-focused solutions helping you differentiate from your competition.

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