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SAP Mobile Start - Launchpad to SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise

Paul Smitherman |

SAP is launching what’s being called the new entry point to SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise. It’s a mobile experience called SAP Mobile Start, which gives SAP users single access to SAP’s business applications and content, across all industries and lines of business via a launchpad.

Available for iOS initially, and soon on Android, it offers deep integration with SAP and the user’s mobile device, letting you respond to updates, get notifications and access business content – wherever you are and whenever you need it. You can also tailor it to suit your own workstyle for a greater user experience. Whether you’re an infrequent SAP user, or a technician who uses it every day, SAP Mobile Start should make your work a lot easier.

Supporting the way our customers work

A central entry point to SAP functionality is something many of our customers have regularly asked for from their SAP systems and we’re really excited to be able to provide that now, thanks to the new SAP Mobile Start app

With more and more apps being needed to do your job, being able to get immediate access to all of them through one entry point wherever you are will save time and effort. We’re really enthusiastic about this new mobile development and can’t wait to show you how it works and how you could embrace it to support your employees.

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