How to make your maintenance scheduling part of your profit centre

Organisations now understand that not waiting for failure but preventing it with a preventive maintenance plan will eventually increase overall profits by reducing the production costs.  Therefore, in order to realise those potential profits, it is necessary to approach maintenance scheduling as a profit centre.

To be able to organise your long-term maintenance scheduling you need to know what is planned into the future. You already know about existing work orders requiring corrective or preventive work, but what about the jobs that will be happening in six months or a year?

Those are jobs that are in your future plans but don’t actually exist as scheduled jobs yet and therefore you’re not able to project resources and time for them. For example, you might want to request the schedule for all existing jobs that span the next month. But if you want to plan and schedule workload capacity and resources for the next quarter or year, it gets tricky because many of the jobs you will be doing don’t actually exist yet. It doesn’t allow you to be agile and forward looking.

Project future maintenance orders

You need a system that could project future maintenance orders for you so that they are in your future sights. With our Advanced Scheduling you can simulate all your preventive jobs which don’t actually exist yet, allowing you to plan and forecast your resources into the future. The advantage of this is that, even though you can’t schedule the anticipated jobs (because they don’t exist yet), you have clear visibility of what is happening going forward into the future and how much workload is likely to be generated.

This view ‘into the future’ allows you to plan more efficiently, for example you may have jobs that will need completing on two different machines that are linked, or you need to shut down one machine in order to maintain another one. You’re able to view this sort of complexity of grouping jobs and can anticipate for the workload well in advance.  

Bring your SAP Plant Maintenance or Customer Service to the next level

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling displays the data in a graphical way and allows you to re-group it for functional location, production line and so on. With this preventive maintenance plan, it also enables you to change scheduled dates and be more flexible.

It allows you to be much more agile and understand the impact of your workloads versus capacity and the dependencies between jobs well into the future.

Discover how to achieve your preventive maintenance plan with a demo of Ready4 Advanced Scheduling

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