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Milcobel win announcement: "Milcobel Steps into Tomorrow: Embracing SOA People Ready4 Asset Management for future CMMS Excellence"

Milcobel, the leading Belgian Dairy Cooperative and a premium dairy manufacturer, has chosen SOA People’s Ready4 Asset Management as their future CMMS platform.

navigating Legacy to innovation: milcobel's maintenance transformation

Milcobel is undertaking a journey of digital transformation, implementing SAP S/4 HANA as their new ERP cornerstone. However, their maintenance team clung to a legacy software for support, posing challenges. To mitigate risks and streamline their architecture, Milcobel's maintenance and IT teams agreed on initiating a market analysis to search for the optimal solution for their specific case.

A prudent choice: ready 4 asset management

Following a thorough market survey in which multiple best-of-breed solutions and standard SAP were evaluated, there were sufficient compelling arguments to go for SOA People's Ready4 Asset Management. “Our decision was based on the intuitive user interface, seamless integration with SAP S/4 HANA, and augmented functionalities—ranging from empowerment to enriched planning, scheduling, checklist manager and work permits”, says Robert Moeyens, Group Business Process Change Manager.

objectives of the new cmms

When integrated, SOA People's Ready4 Asset Management will bring significant added value for Milcobel’s maintenance teams:

  • Elevated Operational Efficiency: Orchestrating automated workflows amplifies overall operational efficiency.
  • Trimmed Total Cost of Ownership: A simplified architecture concurrently decreases TCO.
  • Seamless User Adoption: Intuitive UX/UI fosters widespread user acceptance.
  • Sharper Maintenance Insights: Granular maintenance expenditure insights.

In this trajectory, Milcobel's maintenance future aligns innovation and legacy, setting a precedent for holistic industrial advancement.

About Milcobel

Milcobel is a reference on the international dairy market. They stand for premium quality, safety and customer focus. Milcobel processes 1.4 billion liters of milk annually, translating into a remarkable 1.36 billion EUR in revenues for 2022.

With a dynamic team of 1,800 professionals stationed across production sites in Belgium and France, Milcobel's influence extends far beyond. Impressively, over 100 nations embrace the cooperative's dairy components, transcending the confines of the EU.


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