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MIGNOW and Carrefour Brazil wins Global SAP Innovation Award

Paul Smitherman |

Fantastic to see MIGNOW and Carrefour Brazil winning in the Digital Transformation on RISE with SAP category at the recent SAP Innovation Awards. The Awards showcase the achievements of organisations that are innovating with SAP products and technologies to make a difference in the world.

Moving from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA can be complex due to a lack of necessary expertise and IT resource within the organisation. We’re therefore delighted that Carrefour chose MIGNOW to automate their migration and move to cloud in record time, successfully accelerating their business operations.

“Reduced running costs by 30%”

In under four months Carrefour moved to SAP S/4HANA and has already achieved impressive results, reducing running costs by 30% and speeding up new functionality rollouts by five times. To achieve this, MIGNOW was deployed for the innovative way it automates an SAP S/4HANA migration. Using Artificial Intelligence tools, the MIGNOW software diagnosed the project, enabled a fully automatic conversion and even migrated the database to a new data centre and connectivity services structure.

“New functionality rollouts five times faster”

As a result of the new SAP technology, Carrefour has gained vast improvements across their business processes, from risk management and logistics, to finance and operations. It has opened a wealth of new possibilities such as enabling stores to predict quantities of products required at any given time and providing accurate profitability predictions. It is also contributing to Carrefour’s sustainability goals, reducing energy consumption by 45% due to the move from on-premises data centres to the cloud.

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