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SAP process automation – An introduction to SAP's new product

Paul Smitherman |

Business process management is at the core of SAP’s strategy. The release on 14th February 2022 of the new SAP Process Automation product takes ease and speed of use to another level by combining workflow management and robotic process automation (RPA) in a no-code development experience.

SAP offers a wide range of standard solutions for industry-specific processes together with built-in process automation across lines of business such as spend management or human capital management. In addition, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) lets you extend with unified process automation tooling and pre-built content. But the need to build and adapt your own unique business processes to use with these standard solutions is accelerating.

In this complex technology landscape, the number of applications being run and maintained is growing all the time. At the same time organisations face limited development resources because they are reliant on the IT capability and skillsets in the business, whether inhouse or outsourced.

The rise of citizen developers

Thanks to the rise of the citizen developer, you can boost your business efficiency and agility by tapping into the development expertise of various business users within your organisation. These are the people, known as citizen developers, who are doing non-IT jobs but who have a technology mindset and are capable of creating development output with no code tools.

Using drag and drop functionality, they can carry out many ‘starter’ developer tasks with minimal IT input, such as – build or adapt processes using intuitive interfaces, create form-based workflows, automate repetitive tasks within existing process flows using RPA and create intelligent actions using Machine Learning (ML). Working from a unified launchpad and task center, these citizen developers hand over projects to professional developers, who then embed actions and advanced workflows into projects initiated by the citizen developers.

SAP Process Automation – so what is it?

SAP Process Automation combines workflow management with RPA capability to offer a no-code citizen developer offering across app development, process automation and digital experience. It also gives you:

  • A modern user experience includes process builder and forms builder and offers advanced workflow management capabilities for things like adapting business rules, process visibility and AI
  • Task automation capabilities through the unified launchpad and task center
  • Ability to build dashboards for process visibility and monitoring
  • Embedded RPA capabilities to readily combine bot automations with workflows
  • Enhanced with SAP Signavio you can analyse your process and carry out process mining.
  • Together with experience management with Qualtrics so you can create surveys and reports using process automation

Need help with how to approach no-code development?

If you’re looking to expand your no-code development experience and you’re not sure where to start, we can guide you on the best way to optimise this with SAP Process Automation.

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