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How to prioritise your most valuable SAP projects in the current climate

Paul Smitherman |

Building a strong business case to secure budget for any SAP investment is a real challenge in these unprecedented economic conditions. Businesses are struggling to know how to react and make decisions on when or how they should be investing in technology. Inevitably cost-cutting takes place during uncertainty and budget allocation often shrinks as the fight for strategic investment across the organisation gets harder. Not only will future projects be impacted but also existing projects that are still running.

Of course, there is the option to do nothing, often based out of fear, and wait for things to change. But some businesses are embracing this moment to become more agile and innovative to disrupt current business models. Finding the right time to invest in SAP could help reposition your business brand and its value in your industry.

How to prioritise & track your most valuable SAP projects

More than ever, you will need to justify and demonstrate the business value from any future technology investment. Business leaders will only invest in projects which are deemed to add the most value. Companies that survive this turmoil will have to make difficult decisions to balance cash in bank with technology investment. Digitalised and lean business processes such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay provide effective spend management results but at the same time, smart technology investment will shape your digital transformation journey and ensure the business is well positioned to thrive.

An effective value management journey will ensure you can assess and monitor continuous value in your SAP projects, backed up with real hard facts, analysis and KPIs. Armed with the right information, management approval for continuing existing SAP projects or prioritising future ones will be easier and quicker.

Our latest business tool “Performer for SAP” is a unique platform that will actually identify, justify and factually govern your investments in SAP to maximise their business value. It helps prioritise your investment choices and demonstrate fact-based business value to your board of directors, stakeholders and shareholders. This demonstrable value will give you opportunities to deliver quick wins and gain confidence within your senior management team.

Performer for SAP works by assessing your current business and IT processes running on SAP, looking for improvement areas that could be addressed and ranking them according to short, medium and long perspectives. With over 2,500 KPIs, benchmarking your data against like-for-like organisations in your industry sector is made seamless.

And because the assessment of your SAP systems is automatically & regularly executed, there’s no requirement to travel to workshops or spend time in close proximity with people, a perfect solution in these current times. Tracking the value of your executed project with a fact-based approach has never been easier.

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Discover how to gain a more fact-based approach to your technology choices and learn how to assess the value they will deliver. Find out how you could achieve easier management approval by demonstrating business value for your prioritised SAP projects.

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