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SAP Sustainability Day: Sustainable solutions and what’s new

Paul Smitherman |

The recent virtual SAP Sustainability Day gave us a unique opportunity to uncover SAP’s showcase of sustainability innovations and capability at a much more granular level than its initial launch back in April.

Here we give you an overview of SAP’s strategy and a top-level view on what’s new for sustainability:

SAP has created a strategic approach to sustainability

SAP’s sustainability portfolio is divided into 4 pillars:

  • Zero Emissions with Climate Actions
    • Aimed at helping customers reduce their emissions across the enterprise by enabling you to measure, track and report on emissions
  • Zero Waste with Circular Economy
    • Using the circular economy to reduce waste by re-using, recycling and avoiding unnecessary environment impact
  • Zero Inequality with Social Responsibility
    • Addressing social responsibility such how to be compliant and inclusive, social equality for gender and pay
  • Holistic Steering and Reporting
    • how to enable sustainability and holistic reporting to show impact by mapping operational data for decision-making.

SAP is launching new products and solutions for sustainability

SAP Product Footprint Management

Recently introduced, this cloud application runs on SAP Business Technology Platform. It captures the environmental footprint of products across their lifecycle so customers can evaluate and gain insight of their product footprints at scale and report on the information at board level. SAP Product Footprint Management also complements the existing SAP EHS Environment Management solution which lets you track your footprint at a corporate level.

SAP Footprint Management has live connectivity to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA and as it uses data that is already in the system it is helpful for operational business processes.

SAP Responsible Design and Production

Providing live connectivity to SAP S/4HANA, this solution accesses third party system data and combines it with global regulations, so you can calculate extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations, plastic taxes and other corporate commitments on material selections. It is designed to help customers build their products sustainably and reduce waste, providing a lifecycle view and environmental impact of the choices being made at the design level.

Existing SAP solutions that support sustainability

SAP EHS Environment Management

This solution delivers the ability to measure, calculate and track GHG emissions. You can collect and analyse activity and operational data such as fuel or electricity usage and flag up hazard thresholds before they impact safety. It also helps to safeguard operational continuity by reducing unplanned outages.


This solution embeds sustainability into your core business processes, with in-built capabilities, automation and analytics. It provides much more visibility, control and insight across your business operations in areas such as carbon emissions, social responsibility and material usage and climate regulations.

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP lets you extend applications across your business networks and enable sustainable growth. It also gives you visibility and centralised data for areas like compliance, supply chain data and ESG reporting.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite

This provides analysis and insight of HR data from a compliance and ethics perspective to ensure diversity of employees and inclusion across the organisation.

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