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Managing customer credit risk using SAP credit ratings tool

Meier Tobler selects Ready4 Credit Management from SOA People to provide instant access to up-to-date solvency and payment behaviour information from leading credit agency Creditreform to help manage customer credit risk.
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Swiss-based Meier Tobler is a leading provider of building technology focused on the areas of air conditioning, ventilation and sanitation. Created in 2018 from the merger of Walter Meier and Tobler Haustechnik, Meier Tobler has a turnover of 440 million Euros with 1,300 employees and works collaboratively with about 20,000 plumbers, planners and architects.

The Challenge

Managing credit risk across such a large customer base was critical to the new organisation to avoid exposure to bad debt and potential losses as well as assess their customers’ creditworthiness. Following its merger, the company was running two inherited outdated and mainly manual credit management processes creating inefficiencies. Consolidation of its credit rating and risk classification system together with SAP integration would make it easier and quicker for the Accounts Receivable department to access credit reports, make informed decisions and proactively track customer communication through to payment.


Meier Tobler selected Ready4 Credit Management which was integrated directly with the company’s SAP system. Ready4 Credit Management provides instant access to up-to-date solvency and payment behaviour information from leading credit agency Creditreform. Meier Tobler uses the information to screen customer organisations and potential business partners for possible risk indicators. Daily monitoring of any changes in the organisation’s base data such as company name, address or activity gives the team confidence they are always working with the latest and most up-to-date customer information.

“The integrated credit rating tool gives us fast and comfortable access to all the credit reports we need. But what surprised me was the additional functionality, such as the early warning and notification system for customised notes and agreements. This lets us proactively monitor credit rating information and payment behaviour in real-time,” Stefan Bissig, Head of Accounting at Meier Tobler


  • Meier Tobler selects Ready4 Credit Management to provide real-time solvency and customer payment behaviour data
  • Direct integration of credit ratings information from Creditreform into Meier Tobler’s SAP system provides one clear picture
  • Customer and potential business partners can easily be screened for possible risk indicators
  • Active daily monitoring of changes in customer data keeps AR team abreast of solvency status
  • Confidence in the accuracy of SAP Master Data used to make key credit decisions
  • Cockpit dashboard provides a seamless online solution in SAP making it easy for the team to work and collaborate when working remotely
“The technical implementation was very smooth and seamless. With our train-the-trainer sessions we were up and running quickly and have a secure structure for our credit rating and risk management process”