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Debt collection solution for SAP

Speed up the debt collection process by proactive assessment and monitoring of outstanding receivables in real-time with live information from debt collector agencies directly in SAP.
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Our Debt Collection solution

Debt Collection within Ready4 Credit Management allows you to easily chase late payments and resolve outstanding debt issues. Automated processes reduce depreciated receivables by having them recovered by specialists. Fully integrated with SAP and directly connected to debt collector agencies will ultimately reduce debt losses.

  • Internal data from SAP Finance and external data from external collector agencies all integrated in one cockpit solution to enable debt collection in real-time.
  • Simulation and portfolio overview before transferring collection orders to the external collection agency.
  • Automated processes to easily identify overdue, dunned invoices and consolidation of orders.
  • The whole process is automated from submission to obligatory follow-up registrations to the posting of results.
  • Focus on your business by outsourcing difficult collection cases.
Direct access to leading Debt Collector Agencies

Ready4 Credit Management Debt Collection allows you to use a rule-based engine to select and transfer cash collection orders to external agencies in real-time. The XML interface enables updates of payment achievements and the handling of cash collection orders in a unique cockpit in SAP.


Every software component of our digital platform focuses on specific processes related to best practices on credit management, to support you at every stage. Debt Collection is designed for all industries and can be easily implemented within a short-time frame. Discover below what Debt Collection covers.

R4CM Debt collection

R4CM Debt collection solution has been designed specifically to help reduce depreciated receivables by having them recovered by specialists. With bi-directional communication between your company and debt agencies, Debt Collection gives you all the tools you need to outsource difficult collection cases, so you can focus on growth with predictable cash flow, rather than debt collecting.

  • Collection status and payment achievement overview in real-time.
  • Fully and semi-automated accounting posting in SAP-FI
  • Historization of all communication with the debtor and collection in one file.


How can companies speed up payment realisation and avoid write-offs?

Having a digital collection folder with all updated account receivables involved in the process and being able to monitor their payment status in real time is key in order to take the necessary steps on time and avoid write-offs. Debt collection software from R4CM is seamlessly integrated in the accounting posting in SAP and eases the process of in-house collection when overdues occur with a quick and transparent case resolution. Companies can accelerate payment realisation using the software with smart worklists grouped by postal codes, priorities and risk categories for an effective collection and interaction with the customer.

How can companies deal with tough collection cases ?

Companies have the option to outsource tough cases to professional cash collectors by connecting SAP with collection agencies in real time. Companies can then focus on their business core, while speeding up payment realisation. A huge percentage of cash collection orders are successfully cleared as soon as the debtor receives a first dunning letter coming from the professional collection agency.


Save time on credit risk assessments with process automation and gain access to real-time information.

It is becoming more & more important for companies to be able to do faster and more accurate credit assessments.​ By automating your manual credit risk actions you will improve efficiency, minimise errors as well as save time & operational costs

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