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How to continually measure, control and reduce Business and IT risks on SAP?

Watch this replay to understand why continuous audit and monitoring helps customers to reduce their risks without intensive efforts and discover concrete use cases to increase the productivity of your auditing team.

During this webinar replay you will get arguments to motivate your Compliance Officer or CISO interested in such methodology

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15 December 2020

How to learn from the past to strategically prioritise your remediation plans, in alignment with your company’s strategy ? How to measure & ensure risks are controlled ? Discover how to establish culture of continuous auditing and monitoring  

Armed with the latest Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies, PERFORMER FOR AUDIT will scan 100% of your SAP data to identify business and IT processes at risk and then quantify the level of risk and financial impact. It will automatically propose quantifiable and prioritised mitigation plans with alternative strategies and incentives to maximise the value strategy. 

This digital assistant will increase the productivity of your audit teams by automating low added value tasks to focus on remediation and risk prevention for your business. This disruptive solution will measure the progress of mitigation plans to ensure a proper and fact-based risk level decrease on a continuing basis.

PERFORMER FOR AUDIT is your business physio, automatically monitoring and checking you for hundreds of business and IT risks and highlighting the most critical so that they are mitigated and treated before severely impacting the fitness of your business.


  • How to establish a Value Security Management Process ?

  • How to make the best remediation decisions for the best outcoming in line with your company's objectives ?

  • How to measure & ensure risks are controlled and remediated

  • Concrete examples and fact-based demonstration to highlight the power of this disruptive approach.


  • 360° diagnostics over more than 500 KPIs of your SAP ERP systems
  • Internal and external Benchmark to understand your market positioning and your weakest process or organisation
  • Auto-remediation proposal thanks to our predictive engine
  • Business case and continuous risks tracking
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David Houssemand

Chief Performer for SAP Officer

Chief Performer for SAP Officer - Former CEO and co-founder of Inventy, acquired by SOA People. David has 15 years experience as a Specialist in Value Management and IT Transformation into business value, as well as15 years of experience in SAP

Daniel Neff

SAP Cloud & Innovation specialist​

Expert in digitalisation and business process improvement

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