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Luxtram is leveraging the power of Ready4 Advanced Scheduling

Paul Smitherman |

Organising your operational maintenance planning and field service scheduling in SAP is often a challenge without the right software.

Luxtram is one company who is leveraging the power of Ready4 Advanced Scheduling integrated seamlessly with SAP Plant Maintenance to deliver visibility and control over its tramway maintenance operations in the City of Luxembourg.

Keeping the trams running with optimised planification

Luxtram is responsible for the design, construction and operation of the tram network that runs throughout the City of Luxembourg. It operates 27 trams and the fleet will increase up to 33 units by 2022. In December 2020 as scheduled, the tram extended its course to the Central Station of Luxembourg. Work to build and extend the network continues and by 2024 there will be 21 stations and over 16 km in operation. As a result, there has been (and will be) increased need for staff recruitment, such as drivers. Infrastructure and fleet maintenance workloads and capacities need to be set in proper adequacy at all times. Planification and scheduling of maintenance are a large part of the work.

To keep the trams running and ensure that travellers get the best service, Luxtram needs 360-degree visibility of its maintenance workloads, resources and capacity of its people, infrastructure, tools and the tramway itself. Planification gives the keys at different horizons of time to recruiting, developing skills, granting leave, requesting overtime and distributing the workload with respect to train schedule and maintenance capacities. Managing is planning!

Creating a backbone to Luxtram’s maintenance and production operations

Luxtram turned to SOA People to deliver a specific technical planning and scheduling solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP Plant Maintenance and acts as the backbone to the organisation’s maintenance operations.Ready4 Advanced Scheduling provides the planification for the continuous mobilisation of the tramways, where preventive and corrective maintenance is scheduled together with all the required resources, workloads and capacity needs.

There is seamless communications between the maintenance and operations teams so issues are identified and addressed quickly. Any intervention or maintenance that is required is then pre-empted and planned in one central SAP-based system.

A partnership that empowers the maintenance operations and adds value

Luxtram has a truly connected solution with R4AS that gives them the visibility they need across the entire Luxtram tramway network at any point in time. The full live system will be up and running by early next year, with SOA People working closely with Luxtram to test, implement and to provide skills transfer through a train the trainer programme.

“To keep our trams running and ensure that travellers get the best service, we need visibility of our maintenance workloads, resources and capacity. The scheduling and planning in Ready4 Advanced Scheduling integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance gives us the ability to connect our people, infrastructure, tools and tramways so we can work together with all our partners and staff”

Erwan Rohou – Director of Maintenance, Luxtram

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