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Powerful graphical scheduling resource tool helps technicians

Antalis selected Ready4 Advanced Scheduling to provide a graphical scheduling resource tool with full SAP integration. Its flexible, user-friendly dashboards support the technicians and enables them to reliably plan.
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Antalis is the leading European distributor of paper, visual communication and packaging solutions, with over 5,500 employees across 41 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Antalis needed a flexible, user-friendly resource tool to support the work of its planning technicians. It needed to be fast and secure enough to adapt to their needs as well as easy to use with a graphical interface. It would also need to integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing SAP systems.


  • Intuitive graphical dashboard that brings planning and scheduling together in one place
  • Drag and drop functionality allows the planning technicians to quickly manage all their scheduling and planning activities in one place
  • Increased efficiency and performance of technicians
  • Rapid implementation of three months from start to end.
“It simplifies the work of Antalis’ planners and ensures the team can meet changing market needs, reinforce customer satisfaction and respect contractual commitments.” Djawed Aberkane, MIS Procurement & Supply-chain Business Solution, Antalis