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10 reasons why you should consider our SAP Private Cloud for your hosting

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Private Cloud removes the need for hardware investment, is faster to deploy and has lower upfront costs. It gives you access to the right knowledge, security levels and people allowing you to focus on running your business while leaving your technology provider responsible for all your ongoing software and infrastructure needs.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider our SAP Private Cloud for your hosting:

1/ No need to employ your own technical skills in house

With SAP Private Cloud you won’t need in house SAP expertise or have to worry about meeting SAP-certified requirements. We have all the resources and certifications in place to manage your SAP Private Cloud. Our highly skilled consultants have the right combination of technical and functional skills to adhere to the exacting standards set by our software partners.

2/ 24/7 Availability

When it comes to your systems being available you need guaranteed uptime. Our SLA contracts come with maximum solution times which guarantee uptime of 99.8% of the applications including your SAP solution and software.

3/ Disaster Recovery

Business continuity in the event of a disaster is of paramount importance to you. With our second datacentre and comprehensive DR plan and processes the impact of a disaster on your business is reduced to a minimum.

4/ No risk of data loss

The risk of potential data loss is always a big concern for businesses. With our two synchronized datacentres your SAP data will always available and backed up, reducing any risk for potential data loss.

5/ Fully certified SAP cover

As an SAP Private Cloud customer you are fully supported and covered under your contract for all your SAP, security and ISO certifications.

6/ No upfront costs

As SAP Private Cloud is a managed service, you won’t need to provide any upfront investment in technology, datacentre space or software to access the solution. This saves you money that can be spent elsewhere in the business. And Great control and predictability with shared componentsOur fixed monthly fee brings you greater control and predictability to your budgeting. Because we offer a shared infrastructure service to our other customers, we have the volume to offer very competitive prices saving you money.

7/ 24x7 SAP technical support

With your managed service you receive 24/7 technical support. This means that if you have any issues with your SAP infrastructure or applications, our expert team is on standby to support you and resolve your technical issues fast. 

8/ Technical and functional capability within dedicated SAP service centRE

With your integrated solution we support all your software and infrastructure at a functional and technical level. Our SLAs also guarantee uptime so your system is always up and running in the secured Data Centres of T-Systems.

9/ Flexibility to scale up

SAP Private Cloud works with your business, allowing you to adapt, scaling up as required. Because the infrastructure is already in place, we can increase the software service according to your needs, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

10/ Increased security

We know how sensitive businesses are to the risks of entrusting their customer data to third parties. With SAP Private Cloud you get a single-tenant environment where your hardware, storage, and networks are dedicated to you with enterprise-grade security. With our certifications and maximum security processes you won’t need your own skilled SAP people to ensure your security.

Moving to the cloud will drive your productivity, innovation and efficiency – but at SOA People we understand it’s a big decision. You need a technology partner you can trust to deliver your cloud solution with minimal complexity and maximum flexibility.

Explore your options for our SAP private cloud platform by talking to the experts.

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