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5 tips to get you started from your SAP cloud hosting partner

Paul Smitherman |

As an SAP customer needing to deploy more than one cloud solution, you may be struggling with how to effectively optimise third-party cloud hosting providers, how to ensure compliance security and how not to get locked into multiple contracts with your mix of resources.

Managed multiple cloud hosting solutions can offer you scalability, manoeuvrability and the ability to avoid potentially expensive overcapacity. However, managing costs and complexity can be challenging with multiple contracts, as it can be difficult to manage usage and access to more than one cloud platform and effectively track these costs.

So how can you get the best cloud hosting solution fit for your SAP environment? Here we give you 5 things to think about when considering your multi cloud landscape:

1/ Get the right technology

Whether you have a private cloud solution from SOA People, a public one via Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), or a hybrid combination, you need the best cloud hosting technology fit for your SAP environment. You’ll need to consider which high-performance cloud platforms will work best with your SAP certified server technology.

The best way to do this is to get your cloud services managed by one SAP cloud hosting provider. Our Managed Multi Cloud solution has been developed with our hosting partner T-Systems, to give you flexible provisioning to the newest cloud technologies and connectivity.

2/ Stay on top of your costs

Avoid having several contracts with various providers as costs can quickly mount. With one monthly subscription you could get access to the cloud platform of your choice and a managed service for all your SAP systems.  Our Managed Multi Cloud lets you decide how you want to run your SAP hosting solutions and gives you the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go flexible monthly subscription service, so no initial investment is needed. 

We’ll take care of the cloud structure provisioning and connectivity together with licencing, servers and access. And our knowledge and expertise will ensure your service and support needs are fully taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about escalating costs.

3/ Stay flexible

Ensure you maintain flexibility and stability of your specific combination of cloud services by having it managed as one service. This gives you flexible distribution of your SAP landscape over your choice of private, public and on-premise cloud hosting services.

4/ Protect your SAP capability

Protect your SAP capability across multiple clouds with end-to-end monitoring that will guarantee availability and performance. You’ll probably also need to consider technical support to be included in your managed service. Our years of expertise and knowledge as a leading Platinum SAP partner and SAP infrastructure specialist can help you take advantage of the latest best practices in SAP cloud services technology. 

5/ Get the ability to scale up or down

Ensure your SAP resources can scale up in your multi-cloud environment as you grow and extend your business. The best way to ensure this is with a managed service that will allow you to handle fluctuations in growth or a decrease in demands.

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