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Managed SAP (HANA) on any cloud – What is needed to future proof your SAP platform?

Paul Smitherman |

For many medium-sized and large organizations, SAP is an application that has an impact on critical business processes. It is therefore important to make the right choices for your SAP environment now and in the future to ensure it adds value to your business, making digitalisation a reality. For those companies that want to fully exploit the benefits of the new digital world, it is important to develop the following four skills:

  • The ability to integrate, manage and use multiple cloud environments and processes end-to-end in a flexible way
  • The ability to continuously transform - this applies to both technology and business models as well as corporate culture
  • The ability to anticipate and be agile with current and future developments
  • The ability to create new disruptive business models

In order to develop and implement these skills, SAP plays a crucial role. Why? Because SAP is no longer just a technology. Software applications are no longer seen as simple process support, but are an integral part of the business. In fact, they make it possible to create new business models as they are able to make the right analysis, basing crucial decision with real-time data.

A dynamic SAP environment is therefore a must for any successful business, and have having fast scalability coupled with easy access to IT applications for business processes (sustainable dynamic) or projects (temporary environment) is very much now the norm.

Managing SAP on any cloud (for example SAP on Azure/AWS/SAP-Cloud and our own developed private SAP HANA cloud developed with T-Systems) is SOA People’s response to these developments...

In partnership with T-Systems, we are not only able to transform your current SAP environment, but also guarantee the flexibility your current ERP demands. Managed SAP on any cloud gives you the agility to choose the right flexible infrastructure under your SAP environment, combined with the knowledge and experience that SOA People brings in managing SAP environments.

SAP is a business-critical environment for many companies, and SOA People takes pride in the care and due diligence it deserves. With our S/4HANA assessment and workshop, we will first look at the direction you want to take with your business, what are the information requirements, and which processes need to be further digitised. It is only then do we look at the more detailed requirements:

  • Is your current SAP landscape flexible and future proof enough
  • What cloud strategy is most suitable for which your and how do you ensure that they can all still "talk" to each other?

SOA People can help you with a step-by-step approach that will make your SAP S/4HANA transformation smooth, ensuring your landscape is geared to future developments. With our discovery workshop you can take the first steps towards a future-oriented SAP (cloud) environment.

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