Maintenance and Services

Simplify your maintenance or service scheduling in SAP

Discover an easy-to-use graphical user interface and dashboards to manage with performance

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Solving Challenges

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling simplifies your operational maintenance planning and field service scheduling in SAP. It helps you to prioritise your operations and supports work scheduling, human resource planning and tooling. ​ Its drag and drop functionality together an easy-to-use graphical user interface and dashboards give you a centralised view for all your operational maintenance planners.

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  • Streamline your maintenance operations, whether executing service tasks or planning a shutdown
  • Optimise your work force, machinery and material resources
  • Keep your assets in good working condition​
  • Manage resources with the agility and flexibility to meet market requirements and improve customer satisfaction​


Accelerate control and management of your field service delivery
Save money by optimising your technicians’ travel routes
Prioritise maintenance projects and work orders
Increase customer satisfaction
Keep your teams agile and flexible to respond to fluctuating requirements
Maximise resource utilisation
Gain visibility of your maintenance performance
Deploy across any areas of your business
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Get real-time mobile data and insight from your technicians in the field
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Increase visibility and maintenance of your assets


Integration with SAP


Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is available as an SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution and is fully integrated with your SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system.

IoT and Scheduling

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Deploying Ready4 Advanced Scheduling with SAP Internet of Things gives you a truly agile and immediate response to malfunctions and prevents costly breakdowns. Users can see at a glance the current scheduling and conflicts, providing better visibility of resolution and further agility to reassign resources on the fly if required.

Mobilising your maintenance and service operations


Take advantage of further efficiency savings with the Movilizer plugin, a cloud solution specifically for field operations that empowers enterprises to deploy nimble and dynamic field strategies. With Ready4 Advanced Scheduling and Movilizer, you can achieve a truly end-to-end, maintenance and service scheduling and execution solution.

Industry 4.0: revolutionise your maintenance with SAP technology

Discover how you can increase your asset uptime by improving your work planning & scheduling, field execution and real-time evaluation of your performance directly in SAP.

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