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SAP innovation at the heart of Joskin’s modern agriculture machinery business

Paul Smitherman |

Digital transformation is key enabler at any organisation and ensures you continue to drive the most innovative, rapid and scalable changes in your technology to help your business succeed.  

We want to share with you how our client Joskin has leveraged the power of SAP Cloud Platform to help achieve business agility, create an integrated and optimised enterprise and accelerated its digital transformation across the business. 

As a direct result of the “my joskin” portal: 

  • Orders have increased by more than 18% within one and a half years 
  • 90% of the spare parts order are now via the web shop with only 10% still by email 

Digital transformation ensures Joskin remains a leader in its field and serves all of its stakeholders 

Joskin is at the forefront of technology and a leader in the design and manufacture of agricultural machines. Its very modern and highly precise techniques, including 3D simulation, automated lasers and high tensile steel, are underpinned by recent investments in technologyFor example, Joskin’s development of an injector tool for slurry spreading that limits gas pollution provides value-for-moneyensures it stays one step ahead of the competition and remains a leader in it field. Embedded electronics also support Joskin’s need to be compliant with tractor manufacturing regulations. 

Joskin has worked with long-standing technology partner SOA People to keep ahead of innovation, delivering the latest services to its stakeholders including customers, staff and extensive global network of dealers. It deploys SAP in all its main business processes, including sales, configuration of the BoM, production, warehouse and finance. In early 2020 the company implemented an SAP Cloud Platform portal solution to gain integration of its IT services and deliver a comprehensive before, during and after-sales service with automated billing process, giving direct access to the customer’s install-base and equipment details. 

Enhancing the customer journey 

The customer journey is a critical aspect of Joskin’s business strategy. One of its key strengths is the availability of spare parts and equipment manuals and documentation. Working with SOA People, Joskin has developed a self-service portal where customers can easily download manuals, search items, check prices and stock availability and easily order parts and repairs under warranty. 

This has been achieved with the ability to store data on premise via an SAP content server and make it available on the SAP Cloud Portal using the SAP cloud connector. According to Joskin, it’s a really simply way of storing documents.

A partnership that adds value and makes it easier to do business 

These leading-edge technologies allows Joskin to provide its stakeholders with the most up to date and innovative user experiences and be as environmentally responsible as possible.  Introducing SAP Cloud Platform at the start of the year also turned out to be extremely timely in delivering effective and fast remote working for its employees as the Covid-19 crisis took hold. 

Joskin is on a really exciting digital transformation journey and is constantly looking to extend applications in the Cloud Platform. Its aim is to deliver even more intelligent services tmake doing business with its customers and dealers even easier and quicker. The company has already seen an increase in sales by more than 18% in its spare parts business following the introduction of its self-service portal.  

The next generation technology plays to Joskin’s strengths in self-sufficiency, with SOA People empowering the firm to gain the skills and knowledge transfer to enable them to run projects themselves. 

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