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How Best-run companies benefit from Intelligent Capabilities

Paul Smitherman |

IDC conducted a survey of 1957 midsize companies worldwide to identify key factors towards becoming a digitally engaged organization. Find a synthesis of this survey and the full report to download.

As companies of all sizes continue to adapt to the digital economy, they’re seeking new and more efficient ways to drive revenue, empower employees and respond to customer needs. By leveraging their data assets, advanced technology and process automation, they are increasingly able to embed intelligence into their operations.

Many midsize companies (100-1,000 employees) are now embracing software with advanced capabilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to leap ahead of their often-larger competitors.

Key performance outcomes of Becoming a Best-Run Midsize Company: How growing companies are benefiting from Intelligent Capabilities were based on revenue growth, customer satisfaction, profitability and employee productivity.  

The results showed that Best-Run companies are empowering employees to focus on higher-value tasks, improving decision-making, exploring new business models and achieving their goals. Some of the highlights revealed that Best-Run companies:

  • Benefit from more trusted, understandable and timely data by investing in data management, data integration and data integrity processes and technology
  • Work to eliminate data silos and share insights across the company
  • Cite more frequent use of technology for internal and external communication and collaboration
  • Treat technology as both a necessity and an enabler
  • Centralise sponsorship of digital transformation initiatives
  • Recognise the importance of technology to their long-term success

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