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6 reasons why Intelligent Technologies from SAP is the future of intelligent ERP

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Intelligent Technologies from SAP is more than you think, and your immediate challenge is to explore and understand the scope of what it can do for your business.

  1. Intelligent Technologies from SAP – The future of modern technology

Intelligent Technologies from SAP is a digital innovation system, an umbrella term that helps customers access SAP’s components and products across emerging technologies, such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. It is often associated with SAP Business Technology Platform services but it’s not limited to this, as it covers anything that fits into modern technologies and includes e.g. predictive capabilities in S/4HANA – whether on premise or in the cloud.

  1. Intelligent Technologies from SAP– It’s not just technology – It’s design thinking

But Intelligent Technologies from SAP is not just about technology; it is focused on design thinking and about packaging technologies and defining methodologies to address business challenges. Design thinking is a methodology that focuses around creative ideas and solutions to resolve use cases. The premise is that customers don’t just need good technology; they need an approach to find out the value of how and what the technology can do for them.

  1. Intelligent Technologies from SAP – A leading brand in the market

SAP is not alone in their design thinking methodologies. It is a crowded market place with the likes of IBM, Microsoft and leading research universities such as Stanford offering their own innovations. The catch though is that their products often operate in silo – and this is where SAP comes in.

The challenge for SAP is that companies do not often think of SAP as a vendor for Blockchain, IoT and so on – when you think of SAP you mainly think of ERPs. But the strength of SAP’s brand lies in integration across the SAP portfolio. So if you already have SAP ERP, S/4HANA or other SAP solutions, then Intelligent Technologies from SAP has the capability and is designed to be integrated.

  1. Intelligent Technologies from SAP - An integrated approach with emerging technologies

One of the key benefits of Intelligent Technologies from SAP is that it allows you to integrate multiple SAP products with emerging technologies. For example in the SAP Business Technology Platform you can create Fiori apps that use IoT services. When integrated into your business processes as an end user you won’t necessarily know there is Machine Learning behind the scenes and you won’t see anything different but you will experience automatic decision-making or recommendations.

  1. Intelligent Technologies from SAP – The growth is Machine Learning

SAP provides Machine Learning technology models at different levels which you yourself can train on without too much expertise. These standard models would currently cover around 80% of your needs. It’s possible to train your own models but you’ll need deeper expertise and you’ll probably need the services of a data scientist – in other words you need to know what you’re doing.

Applications in SAP S/4HANA, such as cash reconciliation and invoicing, already incorporate Machine Learning as part of Intelligent Technologies from SAP and the number of these Machine Learning scenarios that will become part of S/4HANA is fast growing. By the end of 2018, there will be over 40 different use cases covering the main application areas within S/4HANA.

  1. Intelligent Technologies from SAP – Embracing Internet of Things

Intelligent Technologies from SAP is bringing new technologies and services together to help businesses power their digital transformation. In supply chain and logistics, for example, IoT processes across SAP S/4HANA, ECC and Hybris permit you to monitor goods as well as assets in-transit and survey the lifecycle of mass-market products, maximizing the value of your fleet and IoT-enabled business assets. IoT enabled processes in SAP solutions enable you to maximize the value of products, including raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, combine real-time sensor data with business data from SAP and non-SAP systems and provide insight into areas such as product inventory and replenishment, product consumption and utilization and consumer interactions.

7/ Intelligent Technologies from SAP – Solving today’s challenges for a brighter future

The future is exciting, integration is the way forward and Leonardo and S/4HANA is where SAP is heavily focusing its R&D investment.

At SOA People we’re here to help business people understand how emerging technologies can help solve their business challenges and enable them on their digital transformation journey. Our expert consultants are experienced in Intelligent Technologies from SAP and can demonstrate how the power of SAP can help you to execute your business strategy.

Whether that’s through a workshop, consultation or over the phone, contact us to see how you can accelerate your business with Intelligent Technologies from SAP.

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