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SOA People: Celebrating 15 years of success

Paul Smitherman |

Started in Luxemburg, Belgium and France with 22 people and 3 customers, SOA People has grown to become a leading global technology and consultancy organisation across Europe using advanced SAP technologies to help our customers outperform in the business world.

Today with over 600+ customers, many of whom have partnered with us for much of those 15 years, we are committed more than ever to inspire a new generation to continue to deliver world class technology solutions. As well as our expert consulting team, our pioneering SOA People Academy has helped over 600 graduates to date launch rewarding careers in the SAP world and we look forward to welcoming a further 100+ talented young graduates into our SOA People family each year.

Whether big or small, we continue to support customers on their journey to digitalisation for strategic business and growth outcomes. This is achieved through SAP’s suite of business technology applications and SOA People’s own innovative solutions and products powered by SAP.

For 15 years, innovation and agility continue to be the cornerstones of SOA People’s technology solutions. SAP S/4HANA, launched in 2015, has given our customers the very latest in ERP, by embedding intelligent technologies including AI, machine learning and advanced analytics. Our expertise in designing and delivering this continually evolving solution is second to none, now enhanced by our automated conversion methodology using MIGNOW.

In addition, Our Ready4 Credit Management was specifically designed using SAP to automate credit and cash flow management, minimising risk and exposure to bad debts. Our asset maintenance management platform, Ready4 Asset Management digitalises the end-to-end maintenance flow and field service of our customers’ assets. And to help customers monitor business and IT security risks, we introduced Performer for Audit that automatically monitors, measures and highlights your most critical risks.

Recognising both the importance of our own environmental impact and our responsibility in helping our global customers achieve these challenges and more, SOA People is 100% focused on embedding sustainability in our customers’ business processes.

“My sincere thanks go out to our customers, colleagues, SAP and partners who made SOA People what it is today. Our passion and intense commitment is unyielding, and I’m delighted that our academy has helped hundreds of graduates to start their career. The story of SOA People is still bringing us smiles and joy every day while our responsibilities continue to grow more and more towards our customers, colleagues and partners.”

Khalil Hodaibi, CEO, SOA People

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