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How to quickly bring Business Agility and innovation with SAP Cloud Platform?

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When you think about past SAP projects your mind typically visualises the metaphors such as – massive, serious undertaking, costly, lengthy implementations – and other Titanic-esque images.

But attitudes are changing fast with the rise of SAP Cloud Platform, giving a complete change in business agility mindset. As part of your digital transformation journey, SAP Cloud Platform gives you the flexibility to change the way you go to market, how you service your customers and how you make and deliver your products and services.

Unravelling preconceived ideas...         

You may think that you are light years away from being able to implement SAP Cloud Platform in your own business. Maybe you don’t yet have S/4HANA, or are not running on the latest ECC version. But this is a misconception, and in fact up to 99% of SAP customers are not yet on S/4HANA. The reality is you can move to SAP Cloud Platform without being on the latest versions of SAP.

This is because SCP provides you with an innovation layer that enables you to start benefiting directly from such hot ticket digital components such as IoT, machine learning, predictive analytics and so on. Obviously without the full S/4HANA you will not get access to extended business benefits of re-imagined business processes or a new user experience with Fiori. But, most importantly, SAP Cloud Platform will give you the accessibility to innovate...Now. Whether you need predictive maintenance for your manufacturing business, track and trace for logistics, or even smart-sensoring, the Cloud Platform will automate processes which are typically complex to capture, but can now be available with fewer rules.

Why you should move to SAP Cloud Platform?

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform which provides unique business services for building and extending personalised, collaborative, mobile-enabled cloud applications. It is designed to accelerate digital transformation across your business by enabling you to build the exact application you need more quickly, easily, and economically – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.

And unlike the old days, the move to using SAP Cloud Platform is very fast. In two to three weeks you could have a functional prototype which allows you to touch and feel, and demo it to your business leaders. In just a few short weeks you could be up and running, inspiring your teams with new tools and opportunities to support their performance.

Whether you start small or big, in one area of the business or across the board, moving to SAP Cloud Platform is not a big commitment. And as well as working so well and so quickly, the emotional investment will also be worth it – it will put a smile on your employees’ faces and big up your IT team.

SAP Cloud Platform has a flexible pricing model including bundles which combined often-used services. A popular bundle called “SAP Cloud Platform, app services package, standard edition” is available for EUR 1500 per month.

You can contact us to exchange with an Expert and estimate how SAP Cloud Platform could help you to achieve your challenges.

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