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Innovation and valuable projects: how Baywa optimizes its credit management processes

Kerstin Eder |

BayWa AG is an international company from Munich, specializing in innovative and sustainable solutions in the fields of agriculture, construction and energy. In this interview, Tina Haus-Bienerth, Head of Corporate Credit Management, explains the importance of digitalization and optimization in credit management and how SOA People supports them in this process.

BayWa AG is an internationally active company with the core segments Agriculture, Energy, Construction and the development segment Innovation & Digitalization, which develops innovative and valuable projects for the basic needs of food, energy and construction. Founded in 1923 as a cooperative agricultural trade company, the BayWa Group with its more than 24,000 employees has developed into a leading provider in over 50 countries. 

In the following interview, Tina Haus-Bienerth, Head of Corporate Credit Management at BayWa, talks about the importance of continuous digitalization and optimization of business processes in credit management for the company and how they have been supported by SOA People since September 2016.


One concrete example of how Baywa has increasingly digitalized and expanded its credit management processes is the automation of limit decisions. "With the introduction of Ready4 Credit Management, we implemented a Schufa connection, which enabled us to obtain and evaluate information automatically. We have defined criteria in the scorecard and can decide credit limits automatically. Among other things, this has greatly automated the onboarding process for customers," explains Haus-Bienerth.


BayWa relies on the integration of modern technologies and systems to increase efficiency and resilience. The use of artificial intelligence and automation is playing an increasingly important role in this. Haus-Bienerth explains: "The way forward is to use AI and automate more processes. To do this, we first need to analyze and optimize our processes." She sees particularly great potential for automation in credit limits and the dunning process. She can well imagine that these will be able to adapt dynamically in the future based on the purchasing and payment behavior of customers.


When asked why BayWa chose SOA People as its strategic partner for credit management, Tina Haus-Bienerth replies: "It was important for us to have a partner with whom we could integrate our processes and systems. As we use SAP as the standard system in many companies, SOA People was the ideal choice. They enable us to make decisions more quickly and to make credit limits and credit management efficiently available to sales."


Haus-Bienerth emphasizes the need for a quick and systematic response to crises: "The most important thing is that we have a clear overview of our processes and can assess the potential impact of a crisis. We use industry indicators as well as our classifications, risk classes and scores in the Ready4 Credit Management solution. Thanks to our well-positioned systems, we have been able to react quickly, adapt our processes and remain calm during recent crises."


We at SOA People would like to thank BayWa for the many years of trust and excellent cooperation. Our special thanks go to Tina Haus-Bienerth for her time and the insightful interview.

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