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Luxtram keeps its maintenance operations running on schedule

Paul Smitherman |

Luxtram has decided that Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is the perfect IT solution to help improve its maintenance scheduling and operations.  A public limited company, Luxtram designs, builds and operates the tramway network in Luxemburg and will implement the new tool over a 4 month period.  Ready4 Advanced Scheduling will assist with Luxtram’s planning and scheduling of maintenance tasks as well as improving integration within its existing SAP ERP.

The Ready4 Advanced Scheduling tool is a perfect match for Luxtram.  Not only will it help define its maintenance workload in advance to help plan work effectively, but it also has the added technology features of the easy-to-use Fiori providing an improved experience for its 50 users.

The implementation of Ready4 Advanced Scheduling will be straight forward as it will be fully integrated into Luxtram’s current SAP ERP, allowing a quick transformation with no extra servers required.  Ultimately it will provide Luxtram with a single powerful tool to simplify and optimise its maintenance scheduling as well as giving a global solution that can be used by everyone. Importantly, it is future proofed, allowing Luxtram the flexibility to add further mobiles solutions when required.

Erwan Rohou, Maintenance Director, Luxtram explains, “Our aim was to unify the overall production scheme around an efficient planification tool. Implementing Ready4 Advanced Scheduling and having well defined KPIs to constantly improve our organisation, we will ensure that we can deliver a secure, reliable, comfortable, high valued service for tram users.”

Joel Pissoort, MD SOA People in BES adds, “We are really looking forward to working with Luxtram and are confident that Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is a 100% match in providing a complete solution for its IT requirements.  This tool is fully integrated with its current SAP ERP, making it simple to implement as well as having the flexibility to help Luxtram in the future.”

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