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How does SAP S/4HANA help you to reinvent your logistics?

Paul Smitherman |

Logistics is one of the largest functional challenges that most manufacturing companies face daily.  Ensuring you have comprehensive oversight of warehousing, fulfilment, production, transportation and distribution of your goods has never been more important to drive business growth.

For planning and optimising logistics SAP offers end-to-end technologies that make it much easier to integrate these functional processes.  SAP S/4HANA as an overall technology solution brings many business benefits across the whole of logistics, including faster ROI, reduced TCO and better governance and control. And because these functions are embedded, the logistical IT landscape becomes more simplified.

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP incorporating machine learning and algorithms and, with its new user-friendly interface Fiori, it contributes to the idea of exception-based management: important issues that require your attention are highlighted on the screen. This decreases the workload of your logistics people, by focusing on exceptions first, so they can manage everything else more effectively.

Procurement cockpit provides visibility into your current state and helps determine desired KPIs and performance levels. Sales order management based on embedded analytics and work lists empowers customer service staff and reduces order-touch rates, detects order fulfilment issues and delivers more accurate sales forecasting. While advanced planning is optimised with smart algorithms to predict future planned orders, integrated transportation and warehouse management empowers end-to-end supply chain functionality including RF technology.

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Find out how you can reinvent your logistics end-to-end with SAP S/4HANA across sales and marketing, supply chain, procurement and production planning, as well as transportation and warehouse management. With live demos we’ll also be talking you through the latest innovations that will add business value.

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