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The role of the CIO in speeding up digital change and innovation

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Digital Transformation is a company-wide initiative, but the role of the CIO and the IT department is integral to manage its success.

Business continuity needs to be maintained, whilst new tools, services and systems are explored and developed. The CIO very quickly becomes a significant player and driving force in stimulating innovation in all areas of the company.

Digital transformation is a dramatic change in the ways business operate. All risks, opportunities and processes need to be evaluated, ensuring at all times that customer experience is never compromised. It’s a big challenge, but current technology means that we can embrace the future head on.

The CIO is the catalyst who can convince and seduce his colleagues to fully embrace digitalisation. However if we really want to capitalise on the opportunity it presents, business and IT must work in close collaboration with each other as well as customers and business partners. It is the only way to develop the right new products and services, as you need to understand what’s important to them, and this information must be shared with all.

There is a whole new world of technological possibilities open up to you, and with the advancement of Big Data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there really is no limits to how for you can take innovation.

Companies that get started with data and data analytics, create the foundations for completely different business models. A data driven strategy really does provide the platform for innovation, and the only limits are how far the customer is prepared to go.

We see for example how Atlas Copco and Kubota are moving from pure product sales to service-driven models. In the future, a customer will pay for a machine based on how often he uses it. Thanks to IoT, machine learning and predictive analysis, these companies will be responsible for the maintenance and replacement of those machines. “Pay per use” and “as a service models will assure peace of mind and loyal satisfied customers.

Keep it simple

However, you still need to keep your existing systems and applications up and running while you embark on a digital transformation journey. You obviously can’t replace your entire IT legacy overrnight, and you need a planned and phased approach incorporating the right choices of private, hybrid or public cloud. When you migrate towards a more service based model, it’s inevitable that it will become cloud based. You will always want access to sufficient computing power and be able to act fast. The role of the CIO will evolve from an infrastructure manager to an interna

l supplier who always provide businesses with the services and applications needed.

SOA People helps companies keep it simple, minimising the budget spend and helping focus on the prioritised programmes of work. We pride ourselves on our ability to advise company on their innovation strategies, helping implement more efficient business processes and ways of working.

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