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How SOA People helped CC Energie optimise its business processes

Paul Smitherman |

Having the right IT tools to ensure you can quickly identify areas of improvement in order to make key decisions for your business is always important.

CC Energie employs 150 people and is seen as the largest Swiss service platform in the energy sector with 660,000 energy meters and 500,000 active customers.  Its customer contact management includes billing and IT solutions, district heating and public charging networks for electric cars. CC Energie wanted to rapidly benchmark and ensure optimal performance of its customer relationship management process and its Meter2Cash billing from data validation through to receipt of payment.

By deploying Perform for SAP meant they could quickly identify key improvement areas for performance and reliability and help them to adapt to market changes.

Nicholas Thévoz, CEO, CC Energie highlights:

This platform quickly delivers very relevant quick wins without too much complexity. Performer for SAP also enables real-time monitoring of deployment of recommendations and the savings made.”

Performer for SAP gave the following benefits:

  • Achieved rapid gains in its ability to respond to market demands and changes within the Utilities Sector.
  • Implementation was quick and identified key enhancement opportunities with associated gains.
  • The wealth of KPIs and benchmarking data made it a key business accelerator.
  • Identified key improvement areas for performance and reliability.

Read the full story of how CC Energie used Performer for SAP get a better insight into their customer relationship management processes allowing it to make well informed recommendations for areas of improvement

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