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SOA People launches its Ready 4 Advanced Scheduling as SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged solution

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SOA People is pleased to announce that its Advanced Planning Board has been recognised as an SAP-Qualified Partner Packaged Solution.

SOA People’s powerful graphical planning resource tool, Advanced Planning Board, has been qualified as an SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution for SAP Leonardo addressing the needs of companies in asset-intensive industries across Belgium, Luxembourg, France, The Netherlands and Germany.

The integrated solution leverages SAP market leading software and innovations, together with partner services, specialist knowledge, and IP, in order to deliver rapid time to value, low risk, and high predictability projects at highly affordable price points.

“Our latest packaged solution provides an efficient and centralised resourcing tool for operational planners. It is fully integrated with SAP and supports human resource planning and tooling across services, maintenance and projects,” highlights Tamas Szirtes, Director Innovation & Technology at SOA People.

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