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T-Systems and SOA People extend their collaboration for IoT

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T-Systems Netherlands and SOA People extend their collaboration to cover the emerging domain of Internet of Things and SAP Leonardo. The two companies together will offer IoT services to the market covering the complete spectrum of IoT business. T-Systems will support organizations with the sensor selection and management, communication and networking aspects as well as end-to-end security.

SOA People will use the SAP Leonardo portfolio for providing the application logic, processing on SAP Business Technology Platform and business execution in combination with SAP back-end systems such as SAP ERP and S/4HANA. T-Systems and SOA People will engage with customers to find valuable IoT solutions for their business through inspiration events, tailored design thinking workshops and joint project delivery.

T-Systems and SOA People have been working together for many years already. SOA People has been offering the scalable V-cloud platform of T-Systems for SAP customers in the midmarket since 2014. Customers benefit from the combined in-depth SAP knowledge, both technical and functional, from SOA People and the stable and proven V-cloud platform of T-Systems to manage SAP in a secure way in a state-of-the-art data center. Customers benefiting this unique offering are for example: Parsa, Pioneer, BIA, Mechan Groep, Van Leeuwen Buizen and many more.


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