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Showcase the value of your SAP based on facts

Paul Smitherman |

As a business leader you’re likely to be considering your options for next technology steps to ensure your business maintains competitive advantage with the right tools to grow. Your organisation may have implemented SAP several years ago not only for its brand and reputation, but also for its well-structured information system architecture providing efficiency and effectiveness to your business processes.

And while staying with your existing system could be seen as a ‘safe’ option, it could create the potential for missed opportunities to streamline, grow or make savings. Although staying with SAP will inevitably require you to upgrade and transition to a newer platform, moving to another vendor could create uncertainty over cost, capability and quality.

How can business leaders justify their technology investment decisions without concrete evidence, ROI analysis and value management?

Showcase the value of existing and future SAP investments with fact-based evidence

Your existing solution may not have delivered expected benefits, or maybe your users are not fully leveraging all of its capabilities. You may be also considering which future SAP projects to prioritise to deliver real value to your organisation.

Learning from the past with fact-based data can deliver the answers to these questions and more. With confidence you can strategically prioritise your investments by understanding what the current contribution of SAP is to your business.

Performer is the latest tool from SOA People that can quickly identify, justify and factually govern your SAP investments, helping you to generate more value for your business. You may be surprised at how much your SAP data can reveal about your business. For example, internal data can be used to benchmark and ensure effective business process management (BPM), pinpoint main improvement areas by identifying weak spots and demonstrate where the most value is.

What you could achieve

Do you know how reliable, available or cost effective your SAP systems are? Very few organisations are able to get a full picture of the overall performance of their SAP systems. The Performer platform is unique because it gives you factual assessments and specific data on the quality of your existing and future SAP services, as well as comparing you to others in your industry sectors so you can ensure you’re following best practice:

  • Get overall performance statistics and assessments
  • Compare your SAP budget to your industry peers
  • Create ROI estimates
  • Measure business process efficiency
  • Identify ‘quick wins’ to generate immediate value.

Getting the answers you need to justify your SAP investment should greatly reduce your decision-making complexity and support your next steps. Performer does exactly that, clearly showcasing the value of existing and future SAP investment with fact-based evidence in just a few days.

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