SAP Value Management

Drive the value of your SAP Investments as never before

Identify, justify and factually govern your investments in SAP to maximise their business value

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Solving Challenges

PERFORMER  is an automated, subscription-based cloud platform that gives you the tools to continuously measure and assess the performance of your existing and new SAP investments. It helps you to prioritise your investment choices and demonstrate their fact based business value to the board of directors, stakeholders and shareholders.



  • See the value of new and existing investments
  • Gain insight to shape and justify your digital transformation journey
  • Benchmark your data against like-for-like organisations in your industry sector
  • Deliver value of your investment against the business case


Increase your market capitalisation
Performance Metrics for better decisions
Maximise value on a continuing basis
Make the right investment decisions
Prioritise projects governed by value drivers
Provide Business Case evidence to management
Monitor and achieve your goals
Gain visibility of your technology performance


Value Management Process


The step-by-step process prioritises your potential objectives and selects the right investment, providing the proof you need to demonstrate its value. Because it’s available by subscription, once you have purchased the software you can continuously measure and improve the performance of your technology investments, ensuring that you are delivering the expected value.


Benchmark Data

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Performer for SAP®* is the largest SAP database to help you make the right investment decisions. It contains benchmarking data of hundreds of other companies enabling you to measure your performance against your competitors or others in your industry – vital for your success. In addition, internal benchmark enables you to compare your internal organisations and processes together, identifying best practices to leverage.

  • More than 400 companies and 2,500 KPIs​ 
  • Proactive Analysis 

*SAP is a registered trademark of SAP SE

7326_Benchmark DataPerformerCapabilityImages_316x212Pixels-4

3 key steps to win Performance

  • Assessment of your current situation to learn from the past, including a bottom-up approach with 80-90% of automation and workshops
  • Strategy planning and ROI simulations for each investment plan with predictive AI
  • Continuous process to drive value with automated value tracking, analytics and benchmark

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