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Terugblik op onze SAP Code Jam

Pim van Nispen |

Hi all,

The last few months were all about summer holidays…thus on Friday September 14th we were all reset, fresh and very willing to attend the SAP CodeJam Nieuwegein!


Getting started

Topic we covered that day, was ABAP for SAP HANA with Fiori Elements. With about 20 enthusiast participants, we had a great afternoon, perfectly organized by and being led by Ingo Braeuninger. This edition of the CodeJam was hosted by SOA People.

Firstly we had a 45 minutes presentation, followed by a short demo to explain the main important aspects.


And now…time for some hands-on!!

Knowing the theoretical basics, it was time to spend some time in actually doing stuff ourselves; the hands-on part.

What I really liked about it, was the bottom-up approach. Starting with the back-end implementation, we created CDS views with related annotations, draft enablement and OData exposure. Having created this foundation, we switched to the SAP Web IDE and built our own application based on Fiori Elements. In the end we had a nice app with sales order data in it, based on the CDS views we created ourselves as well.

As you can see below, the SAP experts were always very willing to help out in case of questions. They gave some really great explanations and on-the-spot solutions!



Not to forget, time for some food and relaxation…

Of course we also had some good food and drinks during the event, to quickly regain some energy and get back to the hands-on.


…and the real guru’s just combined eating with coding!!


Quick summary

Personally, what I really liked about all of it, is that we actually did full-stack development –> both back-end and front-end were covered. During normal working days, most of the time it’s only one of these two. Being able to combine and integrate it directly, was really helpful in getting a better understanding how things really work.

Moreover, we also had some good opportunity to have a nice chat with the participant, to get to know each other a bit better. All in all only positive words and happy faces!!!

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