ETEX achieves better pricing control for mobile field sales teams

ETEX selected SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) with SOA People as its implementation partner. SAP Cloud Platform enables ETEX to rely on the standard technology, SAP Fiori launchpad for the user experience and SAP Cloud Connector for the secure connectivity, to make specific applications.

To align people and processes, and to ensure KPIs would be met, SOA People focused on a Design Thinking approach and User Centric development, creating a series of ‘open and transparent’ workshops with the sales teams and managers across the representative countries. To ensure a successful delivery, the workshops were designed to get all the key stakeholders to agree on the unified process ahead of implementation.


ETEX is a Belgian industrial group with a diverse portfolio and global presence, with 113 plants across 42 countries. Strong brands and an entrepreneurial spirit have driven its growth since 1905, providing sustainable and affordable building solutions to the construction industry.


ETEX needed a solution that would enable the firm to run and support its pricing and quotations structure on a centralised platform. The firm wanted to provide secure mobile access delivered to iPads that would facilitate the user experience of the sales teams in the field. As part of their job, sales teams needed to be able to keep on top of pricing changes, manage pricing requests and the whole quotation process. ETEX was also aiming to reduce the back office effort required to maintain the whole pricing process.


  • ETEX has achieved a 15% reduction in back office pricing admin, enabling the team to be assigned to more value-added tasks
  • Increases in efficiency, time, traceability and user experience for the sales and back office teams has enabled more professional interactions with ETEX customers who now receive formal official pricing offer within a few hours
  • ETEX has reduced the level of pricing errors, credit notes and customer complaints, as well as increasing internal control through a more formal and efficient validation workflow
  • The firm is able to provide multiple support levels as the solution allows ETEX to consult, define and send pricing propositions to its customers.

With SOA People we have replaced our ad hoc pricing maintenance and processes across all our companies with a centralised system giving us governance and explicit approvals for price setting. The tool enables better pricing control and audit trails that makes it much easier for the sales teams to do their jobs.”

Sven Lourdon, Applications Team Lead Sales & Distribution at ETEX

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