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Driving its own digital transformation with SAP Cloud Platform

Joskin wanted to make sales and servicing processes easier and asked SOA People to implement SAP Cloud Platform to deliver a comprehensive after-sales service using easy-to-use self-service portals for customers and dealers.
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Joskin has the world’s largest manufacturing programme of trailers and equipment for the spreading and transport of agricultural products. With over 750 employees it is present in some 60 countries via an extensive dealer network.

The Challenge

Joskin works hard to deliver maximum advantage to its customers in terms of time, productivity and profitability. It does this by meeting the needs of farmers and enabling them to benefit from the latest techniques in the technological development of agricultural equipment. Its extensive dealer network keeps Joskin close to its customer base and allows the firm to develop a knowledge exchange between users.

An SAP customer with SOA People for over 10 years Joskin was looking to improve the way it interacted with customers and dealers and make it easier for them to request repairs, obtain manufacturers’ instruction manuals, check up-to-date stock and order spare parts all via a self-service portal.

A digital cloud-based platform with direct connectivity to its SAP master data on the existing SAP ERP system would give Joskin an extension of its B2B model providing a single access point to its data and enabling the firm to offer communication via mobile devices.


  • Access to real time data
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Mobile access
“I don’t think we could have worked so well with another partner. SOA People has been very collaborative and supportive in giving us the necessary springboard to becoming self-sufficient on our digital transformation project.” Olivier Delvaux, IT Manager, Joskin