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Ready to Support ensures SAP systems run smoothly

Aviation electronics company Advionics found its SAP Basis was complex and didn’t have the skill set internally. SOA People provided its Ready to Support service to give continuity and reliability over Advionics’ SAP landscape.
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Advionics is based in Belgium and specialises in avionics and wave technology for the aviation industry. With a track record of over 50 years in the RF electronics industry Advionics provides a unique one-stop-shop service, based on quality, reliability and manufacturing excellence.

The Challenge

Advionics maintains almost all of their services internally, from their servers and call centre to their computers. But when it came to specialised system administration, they found that supporting SAP Basis was very complex and they did not have the skill set internally.


  • System always up and running 24/7
  • Support for change requests
  • Strategic SAP advice
  • Issue resolution
“SOA People gives us the assurance and confidence that our SAP system is running smoothly, which is provided as part of their Ready to Support suite. They understand how the systems work and address our requirements” Alain Cloet, Head of IT, Advionics