New tram network uses sap plant maintenance to manage and schedule activities

Following a tender process SOA People was selected for its SAP expertise and its credibility and experience in tramway transportation knowledge.


Luxtram is a new organisation formed to operate the tram network across the City of Luxembourg.

Although Luxembourg has had trams since 1875, it’s in the process of reintroducing them to its transport infrastructure. Construction work began in 2016 and when fully operational will have 24 stations connected by 16km of tracks, with a capacity of 10,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

The second generation of trams has entered its final phase with a tram service being constructed along a new route that will, by 2023, run from Luxembourg Airport to the new business district in Cloche d’Or.


With 11 stations and 9 trams in the initial phase, increasing to 32 or more trams, Luxtram would be managing all the maintenance of the infrastructure, buildings, equipment and tracks as well as the power supply elements.

The company had already selected SAP to help them manage this large and exciting project and was using SAP’s ERP solution with the Finance (FI), Management Control (CO), Investment Management (IM), Purchasing – Stocks (MM) and Human Resources (HR) modules. But it was looking for a technology partner that could manage the integration of the SAP Plant Maintenance module.


  • Centralised information flows and report generation for analysis
  • Control and traceability on intervention management
  • Optimised resources
  • Transfer of skills from SOA People to Luxtram staff

“Information flow is now more seamless as communication between the maintenance and operations teams is defined and communication is easier, enabling needs to be identified and addressed quickly.”

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