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Pneuhage harmonises its sales processes in all branches

Pneuhage required a uniform and stable Telecash hardware system that functioned smoothly and was error-free in all retail organisations. It uses the TRADEsprint solution from SOA People to help opitmise payment card processing.
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With around 90 tyre service stations, Pneuhage services a large network of private and business customers throughout Germany. Pneuhage holds the full range of tyres and is not affliated to one tyre manufacturer enabling the firm to serve almost any vehicle from a huge assortment of well over 150,000 items. Along with the vast product knowledge this allows the company to offer support to all of its customers. Regardless of whether it’s a car, SUV/ off-road, motorcycle, truck/transporter, tractor, forklift or other earthmoving machine Pneuhage specialists in the local branches ensure that customers get the optimal tyres and rims as well as the corresponding service for their vehicle.

The Challenge

Before TRADEsprint based on SAP ERP was implemented in 2010, Pneuhage had disparate ERP systems among all of its business units and processes. In addition the retail business needed to be on the same ERP system to allow for the processing of card payments during the sales process at each branch so that there were no breaks in the system.

Pneuhage needed a uniform and stable Telecash hardware system that functioned smoothly and was error-free for its approximate 900 users in 160 plants and 10 booking circles in all retail organisations.

“The implementation of the project with SOA People was very successful. The payment processing process between Pneuhage and the customer is now smooth and error-free. All departments involved in the process are working more efficiently. Users on the Telecash devices have become faster, which also leads to customer satisfaction. In the first two months we saved roughly 15 full man days of time at the counter.”


  • Transmission security during checkou
  • No numerical errors from manual input
  • Stability in the process
  • Automated process at the checkout integrated with the SAP landscape
  • Machine order processing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increased efficiency of the process between seller and buyer
  • Efficiency in other departments such as accounting with no more transaction errors
“The tyre trade is set to change with the increase in digitalisation and e-mobility. More vehicles will be powered by electricity from 2021 and have a very different basic suspension set up. Pneuhage is already in discussions with SOA People about expanding its SAP landscape to facilitate these changes.” “Customers will have the opportunity to see cloud solutions in our SAP landscape, for example new release booths for booking appointments. We are planning for the future with SOA People.” Johannes Müller, Controlling and SAP Manager for Merchandise Management at Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG.