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Pharmaceutical company successfully implements SAP ERP

Kela recognised the constant need for compliance with strict, regulatory standards within its industry. SOA People gave Kela a fully integrated SAP system that supports compliance needs and increased reporting capabilities.
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KELA exports its healthcare and pharmaceutical products for both livestock and companion animals to a vast number of countries all around the world. It has grown to become a prominent pharmaceutical company, building a solid reputation for its high-quality products and innovative research and development.

The Challenge

An increasing pressure from the regulatory authorities impacted Kela's production processes, quality control systems, but also the use of IT system that supported its operation. Thus Kela turned to a brand new ERP system with SOA People as a partner for the implementation.


  • Supporting the organisation’s regulatory compliance needs
  • Standardised ERP system across the organisation that supports compliance needs
  • Transparency of operational activity and increased reporting capabilities
  • Confidence in the ability to meet regulatory challenges of the pharmaceutical industry

“Compared to before, we now have a completely integrated system, entry of a single piece of data is used throughout the system, through the whole process.” Pascal Beyens, Chief Executive Officer, KELA Group.