Bringing Recruitment efficiency to the growing energy company Enovos thanks to SAP SuccessFactors and SOA People

Due to the energy company' success over the last few years, Enovos has experienced dramatic growth. With growth comes an increasing demand for new, high quality talent. They turned to SOA People to implement SAP SuccessFactors to improve their recruitment processes.


Born in 2009 as a result of a merger between three major players in the energy market in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, Enovos’ mission is to generate, procure, transport and distribute electricity, natural gas and renewable energies to all kinds of customers from private households to industry.


The growth of the company caused a need for increased HR capacity to keep pace with expansion, as well as increasing interest from applicants.


  • Increased application processing, with easy-to-use software
  • Reduced time to fill vacancies, helping to realise growth potential
  • Improved corporate image through better communication with applicants
  • Steamlined IT, saving time and resources
  • Refined recruitment advertising and focus on strategies

SOA People (formerly Keneos) supported Enovos from the beginning and were involved in the consultation stage, they played a key role in locating the problematic areas in Enovos’ existing systems and in helping to identify the right strategy to address them.”

Laurent Federspiel, Head of IS Development at Enovos

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