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Bridgestone rolls out a fully integrated suite of credit management tools

Paul Smitherman |

For a business like tyre and rubber supplier Bridgestone that supply to a large number of clients it can be difficult to control credit risk, especially with a growing customer base, many of whom work within a seasonal marketplace. The credit management team were using spreadsheets and workarounds which were inefficient and did not provide them with up to date data.

Working closely with SOA People, Bridgestone chose to implement a new fully integrated SAP system that would meet their  requirements and support the credit management team effectively. Christian Bartnitzki ,Regional Credit Manager, Bridgestone Europe NV/SA in  Germany comments on their decision:

“To transform your business successfully you need to change your perceptions. For that you need the right tools that will support you for inevitable changes in the market.”

Here are 7 ways integrating credit management SAP technology has impacted the business:

  1. The credit management team are now working more efficiently and effectively – no more spreadsheets!
  2. The business is able to make faster credit risk decisions as they now have complete and up-to-date  information on customers.
  3. There is more effective support for time-critical decisions
  4. as they grow and evolve in an ever-changing business environment the organisation has become better at managing credit risk
  5. The business  now has a gateway to customers creditworthiness and data reporting
  6. Internal and external data gets pulled in and integrated from different sources enabling more efficient decision-making
  7. Credit insurance obligations are fulfilled and insurance coverage is secure.

For businesses  that have increased customer credit risk or who are struggling with outdated tools to manage the information efficiently, it’s worth assessing how much time and money you would save with the right tools in place.  A fully  integrated SAP system will have instant impact and benefit your business contributing to growth and evolution.

Bridgestone is a good example of how SOA People can integrate credit management tools to enhance efficiency and lower credit risk. Bartnitzk adds ”SOA People provides us with a fast, flexible and easy-to-use set of solutions. 100% aligned to SAP, they enabled us to optimise our credit management processes and supported us in exactly the way we needed”.

Bridgestone credit management

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