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an HCM Cloud solution with SuccessFactors in 6 weeks

Paul Smitherman |

The modules of SuccessFactors work independently and cover the entire HR process. This means you can expand your functionalities and HR processes as needed. In addition, from graphical dashboards you can click to the underlying data.

SuccessFactors started in 2001 and has been part of the SAP organisation since 2012. It is the standard HCM cloud software with 4 new releases each year.

The HR functionalities

There are data centers around the world that can be used by SuccessFactors. Within Europe, your data is stored in heavily secured and approved datacenters in the Netherlands or Germany and all datacenters meet the highest possible requirements. SAP ensures compliance with your data protection provisions and is governed by local law. More information on data security, privacy and security can be found here:

Some of the benefits of SuccessFactors HR Cloud Platform are:

  • No hardware required
  • Each module can be started at any time
  • The solution can be expanded easily
  • Easy to use with a modern user interface
  • Ability to work on a mobile device
  • Safe and GDPR compliant

So what are the benefits of a cloud-based HR system?

SuccessFactors makes it possible to work on HR IT challenges such as:

  • A reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Digitalisation of the HR process
  • Employer branding
  • Performance 2.0 (giving continuous feedback)
  • Continuous Awarding & Recognition
  • Meet requirements and wishes of generations Y (Millenials) and Z (Linksters)

Currently, 46 million employees worldwide are using SuccessFactors, in more than 80 countries in 50 languages. It has won awards worldwide from leading analysts and relevant organisations such as IDC Marketscape, Gartner and Forrester for leadership in talent management software.

SOA People has created a best practice template for SuccessFactors (Ready-To-Run HR) based on its thorough HR knowledge. Ready-To-Run HR allows an accelerated deployment to be rolled out, making it possible to optimise your HR environment with SuccessFactors within 6 weeks. The template has been approved by SAP as a SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

There are 3 different packages within Ready-To-Run HR; Professional, Enterprise and Premium. The difference in the packages is in the functionalities, additional support and adaptation during the implementation, such as the number of workshops.

  1. Professional: a standard implementation of Ready-To-Run HR
  2. Enterprise: includes the Professional template with customer specific customisation
  3. Premium: can be seen as a full customisation implementation with the Ready-To-Run HR template as a base

Some advantages of Ready-To-Run HR:

  • Fast delivery possible. SuccessFactors can be operational within 6 weeks
  • It gives you the ability to start your digital transformation quickly and easily
  • It is easy to use
  • The solution includes best practices from the market and the experience of SOA People


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